For those of you who think I was dead because Ii had not blogged in a while I am still here.. I have that blog in the can so to speak and it will come out posthumously I have a friend coming over to post push the right buttons. For those of you who think I aI am not.  The day however is bass ackwards.  When last we left off I had just gotten both Susan and myself signed up for Medicaid under Obama care. Susan had received a favorable decision on her pending ssi  claim they were sending it to the local social security office for a once over. that was on 11/05/2013. here it is almost a month later and I still had heard nothing so I called the local office and they said I had a new case officer. My wife had the the same case officer for over a year and never spoke to him live.I spoke to him two or three times that was back before I realized you have to write down  day,time month and year of every interaction you have with a real person.. The first time i called the national number after  I received notification that she was getting a favorable judgement I  was told that my wife’s case was still pending I thought my head was going to explode.that was on the 6th of November. I called them back. When I called them back I do not mean that it was a easy process by to accomplish If you do not get  switched to a different department an hour and twenty minutes. If you get switched two hours. In the last month I have used up 1000 minutes of time on my cellular phone and ten dollars worth of skype time at 1.7 cents a minute at any rate that is a lot of time on the telephone. It turns out that I had not signed up for Medicaid and the deportment of health and welfare does not take Medicaid  so I have learned I believe that my wife Susan will get Medicaid on the first of January I will get it a yet to be decided date..

My guess is I will probably get fined for not having insurance in a timely manner. So lets summarize Susan and Patrick in theory will get Medicaid which is  state run on January first for Susan She should be getting her official notification in about ten days I shall get mine  some time after that. The ssi i judgement in Susan’s favor her new case officer will talk to her tomorrow or when she decides the proper amount of time has been used up to us knot who the alpha dog in this mess is.where we are now.I found out the navigators who help you navigate through this nightmare have four hours of training the health and welfare people have 8 hours of training even they are state and the Obama care people have fours of training and the relationship between the state and federal  is adversarial

I am going stop here now because I t is just a blog and even I am beginning to lose interest. In my next post we will discuss why using the local charity hospital is a mistake. In Las Vegas that hospital is UMC  I am not  dyslexic things are just not done in the right order I had a perfectly good reason for not blogging but I took my eyes off the road and things got worse not fatal but in the Ray Charles should never drive category. Yes I know he has passed letting a blind dead guy drive a car is pretty bad.


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