I went to the library yesterday to meet my navigator through the affordable care act opus. Navigators are specially trained people who can help you fill out the 64 page application, After getting some basic income statistics he said not to worry I did not really need to sign up because my house hold income was so low that I would automatically qualify for medicaid

Just make sure I had a medicaid request as they were not just going to send me a card and start asking who did I want to sign up with.

I go down to welfare office foolishly thinking that would give me the proper form yet somehow in the back of my mind I knew it was not going to be what happend.. The back of my mind was correct the department of health and welfare services does not take medicaid applications any more they have to come from NV health link. which wants you to create a online screen name and pass word    i did that but they were suppose to send me a link to verify that no robots were hard at work defrauding the system only they did not send

me the link for the code to activate my account. What is more bizarre there is no way to fix the situation and so I had to email the problem and wish or hope or whatever a person does when they are trying to get through a massive bureaucracy 

Still all in all it was not too bad of a day I met a really  nice lady from the Nathan Adelson hospice to find out what they could do from their end .  Limited what they can do I basically had to give up and they would take care of everything  but I had to do my best to die in six months all there were some things they could do now. like the next time I had to have a procedure done that drains the fluid which collects around my midsection they left what is a pour spout in Then the hospice would send a nurse by to drain me. Last time they took out 16 liters and on that happy note



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