the subject of todays’post is things you should have in your wallet when you leave or in your pocket. first is a laminated list of the medication you take the pertinent facts about that medication such as when you take it. I personally take all my medical records so the hospital you are currently staying at will not be able to run up the bill and tell you they had to find out for you in simple terms if the alternator is out in your car you do not need anyone checking your brakes. I keep mine attached to my key ring which I  am not going anywhere with out. I keep a second copy on a different zip drive just in case I lose on a consistent basis. before you down load anything that my allow some degenerate to steal your identity they have lots of information like that on your medical records like social security numbers, age, address leave that stuff in there is like leaving your front door open. If you are goofy from the meds you take, or in too much pain or do not have the  computer skills to perform the task negotiate with a family member or some 12 year old who I can  guaranty knows how to do it if you give them money it is well spent money because they will just set the word processing program they are using to look for certain words and phrases and deletes easy peasy I on occasion have been to a gaming establishment where they give you a card to put in what ever video device you have chosen to squaner you money on. I took the card off attached my keys and zip drive to one end and the other to my person makes it much harder to lose stuff that is secured to your self. The other thing you can do is go to the local home depot and get one of those devices that janitors use the world over use to keep track of the ginormous set of keys they are compelled to carry with them. They are long enough to reach the keyhole in your ride and there even harder to lose they also are between  seven to ten dollars. Keep the receipt becasue no matter what they cost in about a year and your going to want to take them back. If things are not going your way try groaning and asking for a chair, can not hurt Make sure you talk to the person where there is a lot of customers passing by. It is not worth the aggravation to most them. EAD MAN OUT

in closing I some how screwed up the you tube link when I get it fix I will re post having had some serious malware issues I went about changing passwords and managed to lock my self out of my main wingnut49@hotmail account my back account is




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