Well after a month of waiting I was finally issued an ebt card I think.  They made three different deposits totaling 167 to cover

two months of food. I am on the phone waiting to see if that is just for me or is it for my wife and myself the wait time is 46 minutes which seems appropriate because that is how many times I called them over a two hour period.  Assuming the best it is just mine and my wife who is part of the family unit will get her own card with her own money by my calculation for a two month period it should be about 400.00 dollars for a two month period for two people. The welfare department is probably lowering the amount. If that is the case there is a plan B and that is




I you have an ebt card they will give you dry goods so you can use the balance of your snap credits to by protein and fresh vegetables. I have a cheap dumb phone but under this system of ours you can get another one preloaded with 250 minutes for about twenty five dollars. While you will not be able to call up your in laws in the PHILIPPINES  every day but you will not have to pay outlandish fees for a smart phone and let us be honest I am on welfare how smart can I be.  Some times when I am at the market and there is some yuppie with their organic vegetables and ten doll ars with of Smart water how smart can you be you just paid 1.89 for half a litre of water. For that price it should be 1000 years old carved out of the middle of a glacier..

48 minutes later  they have decide I do not old enough or sick enough to receive any help from the federal state of local government., I believe there is and oxy-moron in there . How much sicker can you be than terminally ill. It is going to change the odds on the dead pool. i probably did not mention that a real honest to god dead pol the tickets are going to be twenty dollars a piece half goes to the winner the other half to my wife to do what ever she wants with.

Finally I found out i Qualify for 71 dollars worth of food stamps. I am now going to write another letter to Senator Reid, Mayor Goodman the Review Journal  and the OFFICE FOR CONSUMER HEALTH  it is located at 555 E. Washington avenue.   suite number 4800     telephone 702- 486- 3587

My closing thoughts are this if you act responsibly and do not make a lot babies you not take care of why are you punished in your hour of need Dead man out tomorrow my thoughts on velcrow and my come to the light moment


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